Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I saw a wonderful documentary last night at an indie documentary film festival, named Play In the Gray, which deals with themes about gender socialization and LGBT acceptance. It explores the troupe members' personal stories about their lives, how they've matured into acceptance as lesbians, and about their relationships with other women and their families. Features the work of Kate Bornstein (Gender Outlaw).

About: "Play in the Gray is a penetrating, and at times vulnerably raw, portrait of the work, art, and emotional lives of the members of All The Kings Men.

All The Kings Men is a drag and cabaret inspired theater troupe based out of Boston. The troupe intrigues— on stage they perform as old ladies or appear to be women dressed as men or men dressed as women. Their electrifying, award-winning show makes audiences laugh while also questioning themselves and the world. Behind the scenes, Katie, Maria, Julee, Karin, Jill and Leighsa, the members of All the Kings Men, practice hard, spend long hours on the road, and struggle to “make it”—they want All the Kings Men to be a household name."

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