Saturday, March 27, 2010

Research Resources


Program Manager's Guide to Evaluation
"social work" policy research - Google Search
(happiness, well-being) data - Google Search
APA Citation Style
apa reference census - Google Search
Basic Guide to Program Evaluation
Big Five Inventory - Google Search
Boston College LibGuides @ BC - Social Work: Public Policy - Policy Analysis
BRFSS- CDC's Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System
Case Studies
Census 2000
Census 2000 Earnings Distribution of U.S.Year-Round Full-Time Workers by Occupation: 1999 (PHC-T-33)
Census 2000: 01902 - Fact Sheet - American FactFinder
Census 2000: Demogaphics Trends
Census 2000: Household Income
Census 2000: Men and Women's Occupations and Income - censr-15.pdf (application/pdf Object)
Census 2000: Occupations
Census 2000: The Geography of U.S. Diversity
CIA - The World Factbook -- United Kingdom
CIA - The World Factbook -- United States
collection psychological tests online from 1999 to 2005 - Google Search
Data Resources Program | National Institute of Justice
EBSCOhost: Articles Folder
emotion contagion - Google Search
Evaluation Activities in Organizations
FileZilla - Google Search
For Researchers (Library of Congress)
General Social Survey
geography ses income "mental health" - Google Scholar
Google Directory - Science > Math > Statistics > Software > SPSS
GSS Data for Sociology | a personal trainer for your happiness
Happiness in Nations
Happiness is rising around the world: U-M study
How Different Groups Spend Their Day - Interactive Graphic -
How the Letter A Improves Test Performance | Psych Central News
Internet Data Sources for Social Scientists
lesbians std - Google Search
LibGuides - Salem State College
LibGuides: Social Work
Library Guides | Cornell University Library
Links to Published online resaerch studies
Massachusetts daily news roundup
Massachusetts Geographic Information System
Mendeley - Research software for research papers | Mendeley
methods in social research
My Marked Citations
nasw massachusetts compensation task force - Google Search
NASW Social Work Research
National Comorbidity Survey
Patchwork Nation | Online NewsHour | PBS
Polling Data Cornell University Cornell University Library Guides - Focus on Social Sciences Resources - Public Opinion/Polling Data
Raynald's SPSS Tools
Regression analysis - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
RES Methods : Table of Contents
Research Articles - Featured Articles
Research Methods Knowledge Base
selecting-public-assessments.pdf (application/pdf Object)
Self-esteem LGBT self-care mental, physical, and spiritual health - Google Search
Sleep, pray, love -- survey sheds light on U.S. bedtime routine -
social policy "social work" research - Google Search
SPSS Data Set Lyceum Books Student Resources
SPSS For Dummies - Google Books
SPSS Free General and Specialized Online SPSS Tutorials
SPSS Grad School price - IBM® SPSS® Statistics 18 - Academic Software Discounts | OnTheHub eStore
SPSS learning - Resources to help you learn and use SPSS
SPSS Lessons
SPSS Starter Kit
SPSS survival manual: a step by step ... - Google Books
SPSS Tutorial
SPSS11 SSRIC/TRD: SPSS Tutorial Hyper-Text
SSC Databases: Salem State College Library
SSC: Other Library Catalogs: Salem State College Library
StateAgenciesPubWebinfo.pdf (application/pdf Object)
Statustical Data Cornell University Cornell University Library Guides - Focus on Social Sciences Resources - Statistical Resources
SWK Research by Grinnell - Student Resources
The Objective Standard: Sample Articles
The United States of Mind -
US Gov Documents
Virtual Explorations
World Database of Happiness
World of Emotions: Main Page
World Values Survey
World Values Survey
World Values Survey
World Values Survey - Findings
WVS Cultural World Map -
SPSS YouTube - Intro to SPSS

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