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Mental Stimulation Postpones, Then Speeds Dementia : NPR

Mental Stimulation Postpones, Then Speeds Dementia : NPR

Kurdish men in Turkey play chess.
When it comes to staving off dementia, new evidence suggests that the "use it or lose it" dictum holds true — at least for a while. But it also appears that mentally stimulating lifestyles may speed up dementia once it hits in old age.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Big Fat Whale - Anti-Immigrant Stupor

Big Fat Whale - Anti-Immigrant Stupor

I'd rather have an immigrant touch me than use a Taco Bell hot sauce packet.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Calif.'s 'Prop 8' Ban On Same-Sex Marriages Ruled Unconstitutional : The Two-Way : NPR

Calif.'s 'Prop 8' Ban On Same-Sex Marriages Ruled Unconstitutional : The Two-Way : NPR: "Breaking news at 4:50 p.m. ET:

A U.S. District Court judge has ruled that California's so-called Proposition 8 ban on same-sex marriages is unconstitutional"

Nine Women In The Room: A Music Writers Roundtable : The Record : NPR

Nine Women In The Room: A Music Writers Roundtable : The Record : NPR

Women around a typewriter; Erich Auerbach/Getty Images

Social Networking Surges For Seniors : NPR

Social Networking Surges For Seniors : NPR:
77-year-old Suzette D'Hooghe works on her laptop computer.
"Grandma is posting a photo on Facebook.

Grandpa is looking for former colleagues on LinkedIn.

And more and more people ages 50 and older are joining social networks, according to a new report by the Pew Research Center's Internet & American Life Project. The study found that social networking has almost doubled among this population — growing from 22 percent to 42 percent over the past year."

Five Years Later: A Letter To New Orleans : NPR

Five Years Later: A Letter To New Orleans : NPR

Keith Woods as a Child
Keith Woods is NPR's vice president for diversity in News and Operations and is the former dean of the faculty at the Poynter Institute, a training center for professional journalists in St. Petersburg, Fla. Woods was born in New Orleans, where he worked for 16 years as a journalist at The Times-Picayune. New Orleans also is where Woods met Lawrence "Shorty" Washington, the Crescent City shoeshine man and editorial inspiration to whom this letter is addressed.

Jonathan Richards: The First Illegal Immigrants

Jonathan Richards: The First Illegal Immigrants

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Strange Fruit: Anniversary Of A Lynching : NPR

Thomas Shipp and Abram Smith were lynched in the town center of Marion, Ind., on Aug. 7, 1930.
Strange Fruit: Anniversary Of A Lynching : NPR:

"Eighty years ago, two young African-American men, Thomas Shipp and Abram Smith, were lynched in the town center of Marion, Ind. The night before, on Aug. 6, 1930, they had been arrested and charged with the armed robbery and murder of a white factory worker, Claude Deeter, and the rape of his companion, Mary Ball.

That evening, local police were unable to stop a mob of thousands from breaking into the jail with sledgehammers and crowbars to pull the young men out of their cells and lynch them."

Remembering Monroe In Monochrome : The Picture Show : NPR

Remembering Monroe In Monochrome : The Picture Show : NPR: "Yesterday marked the anniversary of Marilyn Monroe's death. On Aug. 5, 1962, Monroe's psychoanalyst found her dead in her bedroom, her body full of barbiturates. The cause of her death, whether suicide or murder, is shrouded in mystery. In fact, much is unknown about her private life; but in the public eye, Monroe was one of America's most beloved actresses — and a muse to countless photographers."

Sparrow vs. Vulture: Finding Your Support Structure | This Emotional Life

Sparrow vs. Vulture: Finding Your Support Structure | This Emotional Life:

"“I could care less if you love or hate me. I’m way past that.
I’m asking that you respect me as a human being, anyway.”"

Friday, August 6, 2010

California Attorney General Calls For Same-Sex Weddings : NPR

California Attorney General Calls For Same-Sex Weddings : NPR

Brown filed a motion Friday calling for resumption of same-sex weddings in the state.

LGBT Society & Attitudes: Why Do Men Think Lesbians Aren’t Lesbians??? — This Lesbian Life

This is often an attitude that lesbians (especially somewhat feminine lesbians) are presented with. It's extremely disrespectful and threatening!

Why Do Men Think Lesbians Aren’t Lesbians??? — This Lesbian Life:

Why can’t straight men believe that a woman can live a perfectly happy life without needing sex with a penis? It’s impossible for them to understand that a penis is not the only thing in the world that can please a woman. In fact, many of my straight female friends are RARELY pleased. A guy should give up when you tell him that you’re a lesbian, but instead they see it as an invitation to watch you and your girlfriend. What is it that makes all these men think that a lesbian needs a man every once in a while???

Grad school: Non-Traditionals becoming Traditional Student? For many graduate students, home is where the food is - The Boston Globe

For many graduate students, home is where the food is - The Boston Globe

There’s a certain amount of humility that comes with being 30 years old and a graduate student. The stipend is paltry, the housing less than prime. And the prestige? Well, it’s hard to impress most folks on an income of less than $25,000.

Welcome to the life of a graduate student: We sleep when most people work. We work when most people are sleeping. And we’ve figured out — through some intense analytical reasoning — how to find free food just about anywhere.

Why do people always ask me what kind of job I have (on top of a very intense graduate school program??)

NATURE: “The Born Free Story: 50 Years Later” - a set on Flickr

NATURE: “The Born Free Story: 50 Years Later” - a set on Flickr: "NATURE: “The Born Free Story: 50 Years Later”"

actress, campaigner and founder and Trustee of the Born Free Foundation Virginia McKenna, OBE, filmmaker Sacha Mirzoeff and series executive producer Fred Kaufman discuss what’s changed since the rescue and release of three lion cubs by the Adamson family.

Alternative Fertilization - A first for the first - The Boston Globe

A first for the first - The Boston Globe: "A first for the first
She was the most famous baby in America after her birth in 1981 following in vitro fertilization. Yesterday, Elizabeth Comeau gave birth to a baby of her own. She shares her story."

First in vitro baby in US

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Dorothy Height, Unsung Heroine of Civil Rights Era, Is Dead at 98 - Obituary (Obit) -

Dorothy Height, Unsung Heroine of Civil Rights Era, Is Dead at 98 - Obituary (Obit) -

A social worker: Dorothy Height, a leader of the African-American and women’s rights movements who was considered both the grande dame of the civil rights era and its unsung heroine, died on Tuesday in Washington. She was 98.

Monday, April 19, 2010

ABC News: Obama Orders Hospitals to Allow Gay Partners Visitation, Health Care Rights - ABC News

Obama Orders Hospitals to Allow Gay Partners Visitation, Health Care Rights - ABC News

In a nod to the rights of lesbian and gay couples, President Obama has ordered the nation's hospitals to allow patients to determine for themselves who has visitation rights and who can make medical decisions.

Janice Langbehn, 41, with three of her children: David 14, Danielle, 16, and Katie, 13. Langbehn,...
(Photo by DJ Bradley)

In a memo, Obama instructed the health and human services secretary to draft new rules for hospitals that receive federal Medicare and Medicaid payments.

The order gives LGBT partners the same visitation and health proxy rights that are enjoyed by immediate family members.

Most hospitals will now be banned from denying those privileges on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or disability.

Friday, April 16, 2010

NYT News: Aging and Gay, and Facing Prejudice in Twilight

Aging and Gay, and Facing Prejudice in Twilight

What should institutions do to help elderly, gay clients?

James Estrin/The New York Times

Even now, at 81 and with her memory beginning to fade, Gloria Donadello recalls her painful brush with bigotry at an assisted-living center in Santa Fe, N.M. Sitting with those she considered friends, “people were laughing and making certain kinds of comments, and I told them, ‘Please don’t do that, because I’m gay.’”

Jalna Perry of Boston said her guard was always up in nursing homes. 

The result of her outspokenness, Ms. Donadello said, was swift and merciless. “Everyone looked horrified,” she said. No longer included in conversation or welcome at meals, she plunged into depression. Medication did not help. With her emotional health deteriorating, Ms. Donadello moved into an adult community nearby that caters to gay men and lesbians.

So that is where Lisa Krinsky, the director of the L.G.B.T. Aging Project in Massachusetts, begins her “cultural competency” training sessions, including one last month at North Shore Elder Services in Danvers. 

In the last two years, Ms. Krinsky has trained more than 2,000 employees of agencies serving the elderly across Massachusetts. She presents them with common problems and nudges them toward solutions.  

“We need to be open and sensitive,” Ms. Krinsky said, “but not wrap them in a rainbow flag and make them march in a parade.”

News: President Obama - Our Equality HERO!

In the cultural competency sessions at NASW Symposium yesterday, we were just lamenting how same-sex partners have had to actually lie to gain access to their loved ones in the hospital, as well as how unfair and demeaning that can be!

This executive action is Amazing!!!  Thank you, President Obama!!

Washington Post reports:
President Obama mandated Thursday that nearly all hospitals extend visitation rights to the partners of gay men and lesbians and respect patients' choices about who may make critical health-care decisions for them, perhaps the most significant step so far in his efforts to expand the rights of gay Americans. 
The president directed the Department of Health and Human Services to prohibit discrimination in hospital visitation

Huffington Post reports:

The designated visitors should have the same rights that immediate family members now enjoy, Obama's instructions said. It said Medicare-Medicaid hospitals, which include most of the nation's facilities, may not deny visitation and consultation privileges on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or disability. 
The move was called a major step toward fairness for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Americans.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

NYT Op-Ed: Our Fill-in-the-Blank Constitution

Our Fill-in-the-Blank Constitution
Constitutional law is not a mechanical exercise of just “applying the law.”

AS the Senate awaits the nomination of a new Supreme Court justice, a frank discussion is needed on the proper role of judges in our constitutional system.

So, how should judges interpret the Constitution? To answer that question, we need to consider why we give courts the power of judicial review — the power to hold laws unconstitutional — in the first place. Although the framers thought democracy to be the best system of government, they recognized that it was imperfect. One flaw that troubled them was the risk that prejudice or intolerance on the part of the majority might threaten the liberties of a minority. As James Madison observed, in a democratic society “the real power lies in the majority of the community, and the invasion of private rights is chiefly to be apprehended ... from acts in which the government is the mere instrument of the major number of the constituents.” It was therefore essential, Madison concluded, for judges, whose life tenure insulates them from the demands of the majority, to serve as the guardians of our liberties and as “an impenetrable bulwark” against every encroachment upon our most cherished freedoms.

The power of judicial review to invalidate laws that disadvantage racial and religious minorities, political dissenters, people accused of crimes and others who are unlikely to have their interests fully and fairly considered by the majority. Liberal judges have ended racial segregation, recognized the principle of “one person, one vote,” prohibited censorship of the Pentagon Papers andupheld the right to due process, even at Guantánamo Bay. This approach to judicial review fits much more naturally with the concerns and intentions of people like Madison who forged the American constitutional system.

NASW News from the Hill: Social Work & the Health Care Reform Law

Professional Social Worker Services in Health Care Reform
Wondering what's in the new health care reform law to advance the social work profession? NASW recently released a very popular briefing on the various ways the new law will directly impact the social work profession. Interested social workers may view it here

.White House Provides Resources on Health Care Reform Law
The White House website offers a wide array of materials to explain the new federal health care reform law and its impact on consumers, providers, businesses and payers. You may find these resources helpful as you seek reliable information and explanations of the complex new law. Social workers that wish to learn more about the law in easily understood briefing sheets should see the White House website here.

Time is Running Out! Reinvest in the Profession.
With less than 60 days left in the Congressional calendar, we are running out of time in the 111th Congress to pass the Dorothy I. Height and Whitney M. Young, Jr. Social Work Reinvestment Act (H.R. 795/S. 686). Contact your Representative and Senators TODAY in support of this bill. We really need your help if you are represented by any members of the House Committee on Education and Labor. We already have 83 cosponsors in the House and 12 in the Senate but if we are unsuccessful in passing this bill, we will have to start over in the 112th Congress.

Congressman Towns Contacts President Obama and Secretary Sebelius in Support of Social Work
The lead sponsor of the Dorothy I. Height and Whitney M. Young, Jr. Social Work Reinvestment Act, Congressman and social worker Ed Towns (D-NY) sent a letter to the President and Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) urging them to establish a Social Work Reinvestment Commission within the HHS. Rep. Towns says that, "social workers are a key resource for the nation's most vulnerable populations including older adults, children, the impoverished, veterans, and people at risk for disparate health and behavioral health services access." He goes on to state that workforce challenges are preventing our profession from recruiting and retaining enough social workers to keep pace with the increasing demand for our services. Rep. Towns states that, "The federal government has previously invested in comparable professions such as nursing and teaching when faced with workforce shortages. We now much focus on social work by establishing this Commission..." NASW thanks Rep. Towns for his unwavering support of the profession.

Monday, April 12, 2010

SWB / Happiness : Variables Which Are Correlated refined

Based on DeNeve and Cooper's (1998). The happy personality: A meta-analyses of 137 personality traits and subjective well-being. Psychological Bulletin, 124, 197-229 findings:

The highest correlates with subjective well-being are:
  1. r=.30 Personality traits, namely trust, emotional stability (neuroticism?), desire for control, hardiness, locus of control-chance (believing events happen by chance), and tension (experiencing negative emotions).
  2. r=.29 Affiliation (wanting to relate to others)
  3. r=.29 Perceived Control
  4. r=-.27 Neuroticism
  5. r=.25 Internal Locus of Control (crediting or blaming self for events that happen)
  6. r=.23 Social Desirability (responding in a manner one believes will lead to approval from others)
  7. r=.20 Sociability (relating well with others)
  8. r=.20 Extraversion
From Lykken & Tellegran. (1996). Happiness is a stochastic phenomenon. American Psychological Society, 7(3), 186-189
  • Genetics also account for 80% of stable SWB

From Lucas, Richard E.; Fujita , Frank (2000). Factors influencing the relation between extraversion and pleasant affect.Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, Vol 79(6), Dec, 2000. pp. 1039-1056.
  • Extraversion (r=.38 and up to .80 when other variables controlled for)
From DeNeve & Cooper (1998)
  • Conscientiousness (r=.20)

Friday, April 9, 2010

Case Study: on Craigslist @ Bloggasmdy

Informal research, for sure.  But, an idea I find especially fascinating, since I like learning more about people, in general.  I have tried something in this vein, myself, but did not keep track of the results as this person did.  I think it's pretty interesting

Bloggasm � Your chances of getting laid through Craigslist: A Bloggasm case study

NASW Re-Post: "Ethical Stress" -- April 15 Forum: Defending Patient Care Against External Pressures | NASW Press Room Blog

I'll be at the NASW-MA Symposium on this afternoon, but I am really interested in what's referred to in social work as "vicarious trauma" and "secondary trauma."   Resources welcomed!

April 15 Forum: Defending Patient Care Against External Pressures | NASW Press Room Blog

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

SPSS Guide: Counting Responses with Frequency Tables

Using a sample of 25 children's responses about their favorite cereals.  The comma delimited data set is available below.

1a. What percentage are males? Females?


          61.54% are male, 34.62% are female.  It looks like, in this data, that one gender value was coded as "1" which is a mistake, and which adds a value to the 25 to equal 26.

1b. Which cereal was preferred by most children?

Data File in comma delimited format:

Ghostly Shadows,crazy,squirt gun,M
Ghostly Shadows,Like,squirt gun,M
Ghostly Shadows,not part,squirt gun,M
Canary Crunch,not part,ring,M
Turtle Treats,crazy,squirt gun,F
Turtle Treats,crazy,ring,F
Turtle Treats,Like,ring,F
Ghostly Shadows,crazy,ring,m
Canary Crunch,not part,squirt gun,F
Turtle Treats,crazy,squirt gun,F
Ghostly Shadows,Like,ring,F
Canary Crunch,not part,squirt gun,F
Turtle Treats,Like,ring,M
Ghostly Shadows,crazy,whistle,F
Canary Crunch,don't know,ring,M
Turtle Treats,crazy,whistle,F
Turtle Treats,Like,ring,F
Ghostly Shadows,Like,squirt gun,F
Turtle Treats,Like,ring,F
Turtle Treats,crazy,can't decide,M
Canary Crunch,Like,ring,F
Turtle Treats,crazy,squirt gun,M
Ghostly Shadows,Like,ring,F
Turtle Treats,Like,ring,F
Turtle Treats,crazy,ring,F

Music: The Urban Landscapes Radioshow

Just a little aside.. directory has music podcasts.  Streaming music for studying or working.

The Urban Landscapes Radioshow

Variables Predicting Happiness

From CGH Systems Book:

  •  Overall Ideas:  Positive Mental State: contentment, joy, overall satisfaction, positive mood, absence of negative mood, living according to true self (inner daemon).   Bliss, power, knowledge, optimism.  Feelings: self-esteem, hopefulness, capability, resilience/hardiness, decision-making ability, intrinsic motivation.   NOT: sex, age, having children, location, race, income (these can be controlled for). Except for when there is extreme financial hardship.
  • Predictors of Happiness: self-esteem, social support, efficacy, relatedness (feeling socially included), loving relationship with a spouse, personality traits such as extroversion and openness, community involvement, optimism, ack of neuroticism, spiritual or religious, autonomy, competence having goals and values, ability to adapt (change has a short impact), making progress, using effort, pursuing goals, lack of rumination, adequate resources, (Myers, 1992; Costa & McCrae, 1980; Heady & Wearing, 1992; Diener, Suh, Lucas, & Smith, 1999). Hardiness & Resiliency (Siebert, 1996)
  • Positive Mental Health: ego strength, intrnisic motivation, optimism (Antonovsky, 1993; Maddi, 1999a, 1996b).  Mental Health: feelings of vitality, subjective well-being, problem solving abilities, excercising control over environment and self, self-understanding and insight.  Jung variables: psychic ingeration, wholess, or sense of self.  Also, personality types. NF, SF, ST, NT types.  Maslow: Self-actualization.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

News Analysis - With or Without Health Reform, We Pay for Others’

News Analysis - With or Without Health Reform, We Pay for Others’ Bad Habits -

"Unhealthy habits are one factor in disease, but so are social status, income, family dynamics, education and genetics. Patient noncompliance with medical recommendations undoubtedly contributes to poor health, but it is as much a function of poor communication, medication costs and side effects, cultural barriers and inadequate resources as it is of willful disregard of a doctor’s advice."

Punitive measures to force healthy behavior do not usually work. In 2006, West Virginia started rewarding Medicaid patients who signed a pledge to enroll in a wellness plan and to follow their doctors’ orders with special benefits, including unlimited prescription-drug coverage, programs to help them quit smoking and nutrition counseling. Those who did not sign up were enrolled in a more restrictive plan that, among other things, limited drug coverage to only four prescriptions a month.

The program, by many accounts, is failing. As of August 2009, only 15 percent of 160,000 eligible patients had signed up. Patients with limited transportation options were having a hard time committing to regular office visits. And experts say there is no evidence that restricting benefits for noncompliant patients has promoted healthy behaviors.

Healthy living should be encouraged, but punishing patients who make poor health choices clearly oversimplifies a very complex issue. We should be focusing on public health campaigns: encouraging exercise, smoking cessation and so on. Of course, this will require a change in how we live, how we plan our communities.

“It’s the context of people’s lives that determines their health,” said a World Health Organization report on health disparities. “So blaming individuals for poor health or crediting them for good health is inappropriate.”

NYT News: At Key West Beach, Wondering Who’s a Vagrant -

At Key West Beach, Wondering Who’s a Vagrant 

Federal stimulus money is paying for quality-of-life policing, but not everyone agrees on who is an offender.

KEY WEST, Fla. — Quality of life for Steve Sanderson means securing a good sleeping spot that a new arrival will never find. For Denise Skinner, it means l-i-v-i-n with a view of the ocean from the mattress in her cherry red Jeep. “It’s heaven out there,” she said last week, squinting out her back window. “It’s heaven.”

NYT News: Obama Signs Overhaul of Student Loan Program

Obama Signs Overhaul of Student Loan Program

The new law will expand Pell grants, make it easier for students to repay outstanding loans after graduating and invest $2 billion in community colleges over the next four years.

This new law was included in the recent health care bill.

Thank you, President Obama and all the Congress people who supported this legislation!!!!

CESAR E. CHAVEZ : An American Hero

On the anniversary of his birth, we celebrate Cesar Chavez Day, and pay homage to the community organizer, civil rights leader, labor champion and hero of many progressive causes.


César Chávez Estrada (March 31, 1927– April 23, 1993) was a Mexican American farm worker, labor leader, and civil rights activist who, with Dolores Huerta, co-founded United Farm Workers (UFW).

Sunday, March 28, 2010

NYT Op-Ed Columnist - The Rage Is Not About Health Care -

Op-Ed Columnist - The Rage Is Not About Health Care - "The apocalyptic predictions then, like those about health care now, were all framed in constitutional pieties, of course. Barry Goldwater, running for president in ’64, drew on the counsel of two young legal allies, William Rehnquist and Robert Bork, to characterize the bill as a “threat to the very essence of our basic system” and a “usurpation” of states’ rights that “would force you to admit drunks, a known murderer or an insane person into your place of business.” Richard Russell, the segregationist Democratic senator from Georgia, said the bill “would destroy the free enterprise system.” David Lawrence, a widely syndicated conservative columnist, bemoaned the establishment of “a federal dictatorship.” Meanwhile, three civil rights workers were murdered in Philadelphia, Miss."

News from NASW: Diversity Education

Congressional Hearing about Educating Diverse Students

The House Education and Labor Subcommittee on Early Childhood, Elementary and Secondary Education held a hearing on March 18, 2010 titled “Elementary and Secondary Education Act Reauthorization: Addressing the Needs of Diverse Students” to examine how schools can appropriately educate low-income, minority, English Language Learners, disabled, Native American, and homeless students within the context of reauthorizing the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA), currently known as the No Child Left Behind Act.

This goal was expressed by Subcommittee Chairman Representative Dale Kildee (D-MI) in his opening statement: “While the No Child Left Behind Act shed light on the inequalities in our education system, it unfortunately did not do enough to close the achievement gap for diverse students…This must be a top priority for future steps in education reform.”

To this end, the Subcommittee considered recommendations from a panel of educators, advocates, and a researcher working to close the achievement gap for diverse students. They included Dr. Daniel Curry, Superintendent for the Lake Forest School District in Felton, Delaware, Dr. Jack Dale, Superintendent for Fairfax County Public Schools in Falls Church, Virginia, Arelis Diaz, Assistant Superintendent for Godwin Heights Public Schools in Wyoming, Michigan, Dr. David Gipp, President of United Tribes Technical College (UTTC), Jacqui Farmer Kearns, Principal Investigator for the National Alternate Assessment Center, and Michael Wotorson, Executive Director of Campaign for High School Equity.

To read the transcript go to here for more information on NASW’s advocacy efforts. Join the Advocacy Listserv to receive regular updatesNASW Standards for Social Work in Schools NASW Specialty Practice Section for School Social Work NASW School Social Specialist CredentialShareThisPosted in Legislative Update, act, children, education, house, schools, social work | No Comments »

Regressive tax - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Regressive tax: "A regressive tax is a tax imposed in such a manner that the tax rate decreases as the amount subject to taxation increases.[1][2][3][4][5] In simpler terms, a regressive tax imposes a greater burden (relative to resources) on the poor than on the rich — there is an inverse relationship between the tax rate and the taxpayer's ability to pay as measured by assets, consumption, or income. 'Regressive' describes a distribution effect on income or expenditure, referring to the way the rate progresses from high to low, where the average tax rate exceeds the marginal tax rate.[6][7] It can be applied to individual taxes or to a tax system as a whole; a year, multi-year, or lifetime. Regressive taxes attempt to reduce the tax incidence of people with higher ability-to-pay, as they shift the incidence disproportionately to those with lower ability-to-pay. The opposite of a regressive tax is a progressive tax, where the tax rate increases as the amount subject to taxation increases.[8][9][10][11] In between is a flat or proportional tax, where the tax rate is fixed as the amount subject to taxation increases."

News: Health-care reform bill cuts deficit by $1.3 trillion over 20 years, covers 95%

- CBO: Health-care reform bill cuts deficit by $1.3 trillion over 20 years, covers 95%

Saturday, March 27, 2010

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social work - general

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Personality Traits in Abusive Relationships
Codependency Recovery Web. Signs of codependent personality disorder
Love Addicts Anonymous
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Codependent No More: Stop ... - Google Books
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Emotion Regulation
How negative self-talk kills self esteem
Unhelpful Thinking – part 3 — How to Have Great Self Confidence
Parents Without Partners - Parents Without Partners- Single Parents (Woburn, MA) -
1 - Enneagram Type One: The Reformer
2 - Enneagram Type Two: The Helper
9 - Enneagram Type Nine: The Peacemaker
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Authentic Happiness Inventory
Profile of a Sociopath
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Compassion Fatigue
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BO Direct Social Work Practice: Theory and Skills: Dean H. Hepworth, Ronald H. Rooney, Glenda Dewberry Rooney, Kim Strom-Gottfried, Jo Ann Larsen: Books
DIRECT Social Work - Book Companion Site
Direct Social Work Practice: Theory and Skills: Dean H. Hepworth, Ronald H. Rooney, Glenda Dewberry Rooney, Kim Strom-Gottfried, Jo Ann Larsen: Books
Depression: Recognizing the Physical Symptoms
Descriptions of the Enneagram Types
INFJ Profile
Keirsey Idealists Personality Type -
Keirsey Personality - Idealist - Counselor
Keirsey Personality - Idealist - Teacher (ENFJ)
Fighting Monsters
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What do the letters mean after the name?
ABCT Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy)
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Stress Management Techniques, Stress Relief & Stress Reduction from Mind Tools
'Stress - From Molecules To Behavior'
Altruism - The Benefits of Altruism for Stress Management
Health Benefits of Sleep - Sleep and Health


ADHD in Adulthood: A Guide to ... - Google Books
Women with ADD Articles Women With Attention Deficit Disorder: Embracing Disorganization at Home and in the Workplace: Sari Solden: Books
Integrative Treatment for Adult ADHD ... - Google Books
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NIMH · Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
CDC - Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder(ADHD) Homepage - NCBDDD
Mental Health America: AD/HD
The Significant Impact of Adult ADHD On Social, Financial And Personal Aspects Of Life
ADHD in Adulthood: A Guide to ... - Google Books
ADHD in adults: what the science says - Google Books
Clinicians' guide to adult ADHD ... - Google Books
Anxiety and Adult ADHD
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Wender Utah Rating Scale for the Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
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ADHD and Relationships - ADHD and Marriage
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What is ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)?

When does ADHD count as a protected 'disability'? - Business Management Daily
Social work diagnosis in ... - Google Books
ADHD in the Workplace - Graziadio Business Report
Treating ADD/ADHD: Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy | ADDitude - ADHD & LD Adults and Children
Adult ADD: Late Diagnosis | ADDitude: Information on Attention Deficit Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment, Parenting and More
Is ADHD Interfering With Your Career? -
About to apply for disability :( I can't believe its come to this.. - ADHD Forums
Accessability Options - ADHD Forums - Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Support and Information Resources Community
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What is Anxiety? Anxiety Symptoms and Causes
ADHD @ Healthy Place
AD/HD in Women

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I Don’t Want a Relationship: Truth or Dare?
Singles Coach blog
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Am I in a Healthy Relationship?
Relationship Advice
I don’t want a relationship. []
Lesbian - Hip Forums
Relationship Discussion - Gay-Bi-Lesbian Forum
Lesbian Sex, Dating and Coming Out
Lesbian Sex and Relationships
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The proper way to be friends with benefits -
Dating » The Lesbian Question
Lesbian Life - Gay/Lesbian Issues - People/Relationships -
Relationships - Gay-Lesbian Ezine Articles
Dating Tips for Lesbian & Bisexual Women
Sexual Intercourse - Advice and How To's
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Must-Haves and Don't-Wants for a New Relationship -- Yahoo! Personals
Falling in love in six acts
EMOTIONALLY UNAVAILABLE Being Involved With An Unavailable Partner Is A Dead End By Neil Rosenthal
Emotionally Distant Partners and How to Spot Them
Why Do I Attract Emotionally Unavailable Men? - Love + Sex on Shine
Coping with Loneliness - Relationships
Conflict - The Toll of Conflict in Relationships
How to Love - wikiHow
How to Recognize a Manipulative or Controlling Relationship - wikiHow
40 Questions for Self-Diagnosis | Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous
What is SLAA?
Inner Bonding: Healing Your Aloneness
47 Qualities of a Relationship
Recovery is here. | Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous
#SLAA Online Group of Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous - Readings/Literature
Lesbian Relationships: Life Before the Uhaul by Kali Munro
Lesbians, Gay Men, Relationships, Body Image - Links
Break-ups: How To Survive Them by psychotherapist Kali Munro
Difficult People - Tips on Dealing With Difficult People
Developing Detachment | LIVESTRONG.COM

Recovery Resources


Need to Control
College - New York Times
Women for Sobriety
Suggested Readings
CODA - Meeting Resource Center
CODA + SE : Tomorrow Is Already Here
COPING. ORG : Control Issues
Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance: Improving the Lives of People Living with Mood Disorders
SEA Program
COPING.ORG: Series Content
MSN Women for Sobriety
COPING.ORG People-Pleasing Personality
COPING.ORG Irrational Beliefs
Alcohol & Addiction Trends
Yoga for Anxiety and Depression - Page 1 - MSN Health & Fitness - Depression
Motivational Interviewing Algorithm
Drug and alcohol abuse, treatment, prevention at SAMHSA's National Clearinghouse for Alcohol and Drug Information
Faces and Voices of Recovery
DASIS: Drug and Alcohol Services Information System (DASIS), SAMHSA, Office of Applied Studies
Women for Sobriety
Gratifications-What Gratifications Are and How To Use Them

Social Justice Resources

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Social Justice
Counselors for Social Justice - Join/Renew Membership
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SWK Diversity - RCG Companion Site
The Peace Alliance - Campaign for a Department of Peace - Nonviolent Communications Call
Repower America
Race, Class, and Gender Book Companion Site
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Center for Reducing Health Disparities, Dennis Raphael, PhD - Presentation at the
NASW Diversity and Equity
NASW Diversity and Equity
NASW Advocacy
NASW Advocacy
NASW Advocacy
Advocacy - Population Health Forum, Health Olympics monitor - Home
U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)
LYNN State and Federal Officials
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African American World . Profiles . Who Said That? | PBS
Presumed Guilty. Research the System | PBS.
Social Work Policy Resources
DONT ASK Internet Archive: Details: OutCast-2008-8-3
Resources - Congress/Legislative - C-SPAN
Legislative Process Overview
Maureen Dowd: 'Are Men Necessary?' : NPR
State Government - Mass.Gov
Gender Virtual Exploration: Web Resources for Studying Gender and Inequality
PBS: UNNATURAL CAUSES is inequality ruining our health?
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Second wind for marriage movement
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Blog of Rights: Official Blog of the American Civil Liberties Union » U.N. Independent Expert Recommends Remedies for U.S. Race Relations
NASW FY2010 budget advocacy
US Census : gay lesbian
National Gay and Lesbian Task Force | building LGBT political power from the ground up
How Race Is Lived in America
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Homelessness Resource Center
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