Monday, July 23, 2012

License Exam: The Social Work Intervention Model / Problem-Solving Method

View each question in light of how you would approach work with a client, as a process of social work, and in time-order.  In other words, what do you do FIRST when you are assisting a client?  What happens NEXT in the process?



1. Engage the client.  Develop rapport and cultivate the professional/therapeutic relationship.

2. Collect information from the client, relevant to the challenges that brought her to seek services

3. Assess the client’s needs with this information (may include diagnosis in some social work roles)

4. Set goals for and plan treatment, always putting the client’s needs first, as well as her choices about challenges to address and the methods used.  Keep in the forefront of your mind that every client is a worthy person with the right to self-determination.

5. Evaluate the work done, including process, methods, outcomes, and progress made

6. Terminate the relationship with the client in a manner that supports her continuing human needs.


Another perspective on the social work process stresses the importance of aiding clients as they address their own challenges, whereby social workers use the least-invasive methods and intervene only after assisting in other ways:.

1. Feelings

2. Assess

3. Refer

4. Educate

5. Advocate

6. Facilitate

7. Intervene

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