Wednesday, March 24, 2010

PBS Film: Betty Ford: The Real Deal | A Biographical Documentary

Betty Ford: The Real Deal | A Biographical Documentary | PBS

I saw the most wonderful documentary about Betty Ford on PBS. What a role model Betty is! The doc detailed how candid Betty was with the public and her enormous popularity. Probably most important was how she transformed the role of First Lady to one of service, which has endured to today. Among the cutting-edge service she provided: campaigns for feminism, breast cancer prevention and awareness (after her own - a subject not talked about in "polite" society), and her own trials and triumph dealing with drug and alcohol addiction. Can you even imagine what it was like, at that time, especially, for a First Lady to reveal these "secrets" about herself and about womanhood, and to be embraced for it? And, she never asked permission to speak out. She just followed her intuition and did it! Not even Dick Cheney could stop her back then.

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