Saturday, March 13, 2010

Girls Rock Summer Camp: I have found my calling (at least one of them)

GIRLS ROCK! is a documentary about girls 8-18 attending an annual summer camp, where they learn to express themselves, be who they are, learn how to play an instrument, write a song, and perform it at the end of the camp. What is so endearing, for me, is to see women artists (most from the Riot Grrl era of the 90s) running this camp - encouraging every little effort and telling these girls that they are GOOD - just for being themselves and expressing that. What wonderful role models - powerful, independent, happy with themselves - positive role models that girls often lack in childhood. One teenage girl actually admitted at the end of the camp that she never knew she was amazing, interesting, friendly, and cool. At the beginning of the camp, she admitted that she hated herself, but not in a maudlin way, more like it's something a girl is expected and commonly says. This is so typical. And, I can definitely relate to what the socialization that all of us girls receive as we're growing up.

Anyway, I did an internet search and found out that Rock N Roll Camp for Girls accepts volunteers year-round and offers some opportunities to work from a distance (such as grant writing, research, and data administration).

I am going to apply to work with them on a weekly basis, especially since I have quite a lot of free time right now. I would also like to consider volunteering to be a camp counselor or "band manager," possibly at the home org in Portland, OR. There are also satellite camps emerging all over the country; since my best friend lives in Atlanta and could put me up, I may give Girls Rock Camp (ATL) a go, if they can use me.

Lastly, there is also a Ladies Rock Camp for adult women! Definitely on my radar.

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