Monday, April 2, 2012

Asthma Action Plan: resource for people with asthma

Having been recently diagnosed with asthma, and being at a point where my breathing had gotten truly scary, I’d like to offer a resource about helping to keep your asthma under control.  I honestly had no idea what was happening to me because I was misdiagnosed with a relatively benign condition by my primary doctor, I find it essential these days to stay on top of my health and to learn all I can about my own potential issues.  This list of warning signs was provided by Primatene’s website:
Use this Asthma Action Plan prepared by you and your doctor as soon as warning signs develop.
WARNING SIGNS may include:
A drop in your peak-flow reading (earliest warning sign!)
A chronic cough, especially at night
Difficult or rapid breathing
Chest tightness or discomfort
Running out of breath more easily than usual
Feeling that the head is stuffed up
A runny nose
A change in the color of the face
Dark circles under the eyes

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